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Website development
As the Internet environment in China continues to evolve, it is important for websites and e-commerce platforms to keep their presence up-to-date and to satisfy consumer needs.
Knowledge of web design trends in China is especially important for Western companies that are expanding their presence in this market. Just translating an existing website into Chinese will not help your business. The structure and design of your western website will most likely not be successful with regard to the cultural differences and consumer behavior typical of this market.
Now in China there is an increase in minimalistic web design. This signals a significant shift from crowded web pages to a more relaxed design.
    However, the habit of having a huge amount of links and information on one web page continues to affect user behavior. The Chinese still love to get as much information as possible.

      Design trends
        User experience is just as relevant in China as it is in the western world.
        Navigation should be simple, intuitive and fast.
        However, even so, the Chinese website must comply with some local requirements.
          Improved user experience
            UX / UI
            ICP license is issued by the Ministry of Industry and informatization of China and allows you to host your site on a server in mainland China.
            An ICP license is issued after purchasing a hosting and domain registration.

            The license number is displayed in the footer of the website.
            More information about registration, necessary documents
            and other things you can find on the page - "Licenses in China"
              ICP license
              The most common types of websites
              Classic website
              Typical layouts of this format are in demand and are still relevant. Their usual navigation and logistics provide users with the most comfortable and convenient pastime on the website.

              Since this type is still considered the most common, it is suitable for absolutely any company with any status, field of activity and development vector.
              Since 2010, companies have firmly established a tendency to create landing pages. This type is perfect for promoting goods, services and various events. The primary goal of such projects is "call to action," and such websites cope better with this task than any other.

              Often, companies create such websites as additional, solely to increase conversion.
              In China, as well as around the world, a significant part of the market is occupied by online stores. With sufficient development experience and promotion, the company can organize the largest source of profit, by selling various products.

              This format is perfect for existing companies
              with a developed client base and product turnover.
              Landing page
              Online Store
              Social networks and blogs
              Platforms for communication between users, such as WeChat, Weibo, Youku and others
              Search engines and news portals
              Web sites aimed at receiving and disseminating information on various topics, such as - Baidu, Baidu Baike, Sina News and others
              Integrated Stores
              Online store pages designed and integrated in marketplaces such as Taobao, Tmall, WeChat Store and others
              Starting to create a website, be careful. The processes for publishing and distributing websites in China are very different from the international ones. When planning this process, we recommend to contact us, as specialists, for detailed information about domain zones, hosting and firewall. Without this knowledge, your website may be blocked in China.
              Alternative website types