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> Search for manufacturers and goods

> Accompany to the enterprise

> OEM / ODM production

> Quality inspection

> Shipment control

> Delivery organization

> Warehouse rent

> Export clearance

> Translation services

> Factory verification

> Dispute resolution

> Laboratory research

> Market research

> Material adaptation

> Importers search

> Import clearance

> Product certification

> Delivery organization

> Warehouse rent

> Online store

> Participation in exhibitions

> Business mission

> Distribution, dealership

> Virtual visit to exhibitions

> Business tour

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Legal services in Hong Kong. Legal services in China. Marketing. Export. Import.

Sino Service Group, a consulting agency,
founded in 2016 and providing a range of services
for foreign companies in Hong Kong and China.
About us
Sino Service Group provides business services in Hong Kong and China
to customers from around the world.

During our work, we were able to make sure from our own experience that China
is a country with a special culture and its own idea of business.
Our company is ready to quickly work out a client's request, give a professional opinion on a matter of interest to him, officially declare a position on a particular issue.
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