Legal services
Secretarial service
According to Hong Kong law, every company registered in Hong Kong must have a secretary in its structure, who must be a resident of Hong Kong. A director cannot act as a company secretary. Information about the secretary is entered into Articles of Association and transferred to the Companies Registry.
The role and specific responsibilities of the company secretary are not defined by the Companies Ordinance and are usually governed by a secretary contract. In general, the role of the company secretary usually includes maintaining records and registers of the company, both established and not established by law, maintaining the agenda of meetings of the board of directors, submitting documents to the Companies Registry on time in accordance with the requirements of the law.
1) Submission of annual reports
2) Providing a legal address
3) Annual Update of Business (Registration Certificate (BRC)
4) Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
5) Accounting and storage of corporate documents
6) Possibility of receiving correspondence
7) Providing a telephone line (+852)
8) Prompt submission of documents to the registry
Main secretarial services:
Other secretarial services:
· Change of Director (ND2A)
· Change of the founder of the company
· Change of the legal address
· Change of company name
· Redistribution of shares
· Company Liquidation (NDR1)
Change of director / company name of the founder / legal address
Annual renewal of Business Registration Certificate without providing secretarial services and legal address
Annual secretarial service
Office rental
In accordance with Hong Kong law, every company registered in Hong Kong must have a registered address. Office may be owned by the company or leased. In addition, it can be both a physical workspace and a virtual office. It is important to note that in order to open a bank account of a company, it is desirable to rent a real office.
We offer services to provide you with a virtual office with a legal address and a dedicated telephone line. If you need to rent a real room in Hong Kong, our experts will help you choose an office based on your requirements.
Non-equipped and equipped office.
Real office:
Virtual office:
A virtual office does not have physical space, but you can get an address in a commercial building in Hong Kong, as well as a dedicated telephone line.