Legal services
The Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) conducts annual company reviews to ensure that enterprises meet the requirements. If the Administration finds that the company does not fulfill certain requirements, it may decide to revoke the business license of the company.
In accordance with Chinese law, having an office is one of the requirements for registering a company in China. The premises may be owned by the company or rented, but it must be a physical workspace. A virtual office with a phone number and mailing address is not enough in this case.

Office rental
· Preparation of a set of documents
· Submission of an application and necessary documents to Property Management
· Approval of the application by the Real Estate Office
· Obtaining a rental certificate.
Steps for issuing a certificate:
· Layout of the room
· Declaration of Responsibility for the Integrated Management of the Leased Premises
· Lease agreement received at the administrative office of the district committee
· Certificate of title to property
· Landlord identity document:
Documents required:
Landlord's documents:
· Identity document (original)
· The name of the company proposed for registration
Tenant's documents:
What is a rental certificate
A rental certificate is written evidence that the lessor is renting the premises to the lessee. The certificate has legal force, but it should be distinguished from the lease. If the lease term of the premises exceeds six months, both parties must sign a written agreement, which will contain information on the lease term, area and purpose of the lease.
Accounting & audit
Foreign companies registered in China must maintain financial statements, including financial statements, profit and loss statements, cash flows, and conduct annual audits.
An annual audit in China is a prerequisite for all enterprises with foreign investment (FIE) in China, including enterprises with foreign capital (WFOE), joint ventures (JV) and representative offices (RO), in accordance with the Chinese Companies Law and other relevant regulatory acts.

The purpose of the audit is to confirm that the real financial situation of your company matches the information in the reports.
· The annual balance sheet and annual income statement in electronic form
· Business License (营业执照)
· Copy of capital audit report (if available)
· Identification
· Copy of the audit report for the previous year
Documents required for audit:
· Accounting for company earnings for the billing period
· Bank statement from a corporate account
· Certificate of expenses for the billing period
· Employee payroll
· Social Security Contributions & Bank payment documents
Documents required for accounting:
An audit is a formal audit of accounting and tax reporting by a third party. An audit is conducted in order to verify the reliability of the financial statements of the company.
The financial statements once a year are submitted for audit to auditors.
We provide a full range of accounting services for your company.
Our experts will take care of the proper execution of all necessary financial and tax reports.
Streamlining of primary documents
Monthly accounting
Annual tax report
Monthly financial
and tax reporting
Financial and tax advice
Obtaining the status
of a regular taxpayer
Stamping required documents
Documents legalization
China is not a party to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, which simplifies the legalization process by affixing an apostille. In this regard, consular legalization of documents is required.
It is necessary to legalize not only documents issued in China, but also foreign documents for their use in China. Our experts will help you go through the multi-stage document legalization process both in Russia and in China.
Legalization procedure:
· Translate a document
· To notarize the translation
· To certify a document in the legalization department of the Office of Foreign Affairs
· Legalize a document at the Consulate
from 2400 EUR
For companies seeking to operate and expand in China, as in any other jurisdiction, it is first necessary to obtain government approval for certain activities before they can begin it. All processes, from the sale of products to the production of goods, require compulsory licensing, which is a necessary step for the legitimate conduct of commercial operations in China.

Although obtaining licenses in China is considered a rather complicated and confusing process, our specialists will make every effort to facilitate this process for you.

We have extensive experience in the field of basic licenses and are ready to help you get the license you need for your company in a short time.
Registration card of a foreign trade participant
Certificate of registration with the customs office
Customs declaration
Materials for entering the electronic customs system (海关电子口岸)
Certificate of self-examination of cargo at customs (自理报检备案登记证明书)
Export Import License (进出口权)
Corporate account
Required for non-profit websites (informational), with this license your site will be available in mainland China, however it does not allow you to sell directly via the Internet.
Allows you to own an e-commerce site. Therefore, if you intend to earn income through online sales, advertising or conducting business that involves payment through your platform, you will need a commercial ICP license.

Commercial ICP
Personal account
Standard ICP
For a standard ICP can apply:
  • Chinese Business Licensed Enterprises May Apply for ICP Business (企业备案)
  • Partially or completely foreign enterprises with any (for example, Joint Venture or WFOE) can apply for ICP Business
  • Chinese citizens using their ID can apply for an individual ICP (个人备案)
  • Foreigners using their passport as an identity card, who may be physically located in China in order to fulfill some basic registration requirements, may apply for an individual ICP

For a commercial ICP can apply:
  • Chinese Business Licensed Enterprises
  • Joint ventures in which the share of Chinese business is at least 51% (in practice it is rarely issued to this type of company)
    You can check the full list of licenses in Google documents: