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Company liquidation
Regardless of the type of business, a Hong Kong company may face financial difficulties, and company owners will want to consider the liquidation of the company. The process may be unavoidable for some enterprises, but this does not mean that the investor should stop doing business.

Our experts will help you go through all the necessary legal steps required by law to liquidate a company in Hong Kong. We will help you take all the necessary measures, complete your business and obtain the necessary documents confirming the liquidation and, finally, the dissolution of the company.
· Filling out the form NW1 and submitting it to the Companies Registry
· Adoption of a special resolution on liquidation with the appointment
of a liquidator and filling out form NW3
· Final meeting of company members
· Presentation of the liquidator report (it is necessary to provide a report to the Register of Companies)

Members' voluntary winding up


· Filling out the NDR1 form
· Receive notification of no objection from Inland Revenue Department
· Submission of the above documents to the Companies Registry
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