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Social media marketing
Our SMM service allows your business to communicate with your Chinese audience with the maximum adaptation to Chinese culture. An effective social media marketing campaign develops relationships between you and your customers, attracting them directly to the promotion of your products or services.
Unfortunately, China has blocked key platforms for promoting your products and services, such as Facebook and Twitter.
    Chinese Internet users use their own social media platforms in China, such as Tencent Wechat (the main messenger and social network in China), Weibo (an analogue of Facebook and Twitter in China), Youku & Tudou (an analogue of YouTube in China), Xiaohongshu (also known as the Red Book, a social platform for sharing content where users can post photos of products with reviews and tips for other users), DouYin (Chinese version of Tik Tok, a platform for sharing short videos) and much more.
      Advantages of social media marketing in China:
      • Increase brand awareness and reputation of your company
      • Building subscribers' trust in your company
      • Drive traffic to your site
      • Conversion generation and sales increase
      • Improving customer service and brand loyalty
      WeChat - China's most popular app for messaging with a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people.

      WeChat is owned by Tencent, one of Asia's largest IT companies. Although WeChat was originally a messenger, now it has turned into an application where you can do anything from online payment to booking flights.
      Weibo is a popular social network in China, analogue of Twitter, with the possibility of publishing large articles.

      A Weibo for Business account will allow you to improve brand awareness, attract new traffic to your website, and increase conversion through targeted advertising, which is effective channel of communication with the audience.
      Brand development strategy planning
      Publication of company information, company news
      Fast interaction
      with subscribers
      Cover design
      Copywriting Articles
      Account setup
      and design
      · Choose an appropriate account type
      · Start registration at WeChat official website
      · Specify an e-mail to receive a confirmation letter with a code
      · Choose region
      · Fill in company details
      · Choose an account verification method
      Steps of registration:
      · Business License
      · Organization Code Assignment Certificate
      · Fixed telephone number of a company in China (a test call from Tencent can be received)
      · PRC citizen ID and mobile phone number with WeChat payment account associated with his / her bank card
      · Access to the company's Chinese bank account, including account number, bank name and bank address
      Documents required for registration:
      from 500 EUR
      For foreign companies
      From 99$
      For chinese companies
      From 300¥
      Annual verification fee:
      Other social networks of China
      YouKu (优酷)
      Youku is often called Chinese Youtube. Yes, this is a video hosting service. In China, Youku is one of the most important online video platforms.
      Xiaohongshu (小红书)
      Xiaohongshu offers a "safe space" for like-minded people, so they can leave feedback and share their shopping experiences.
      DouYin (抖音)
      DouYin is a platform designed to create short videos. DouYin is the same as TikTok, only for the Chinese market.
      • Creating a social media strategy in China: platform selection, objective analysis and content plan.
      • Registration and setup of social networks in China:
        official WeChat account, official Weibo account, Youku channel, etc.
      • Creating posts in Chinese.
      • Chinese subtitles for your video or creating Chinese videos by our professional partners.
      • Interaction with subscribers.
      • Monthly consultations and reports.
      We will help you with the development of your Chinese social media strategy and the management of your social media accounts in China.