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Nominee service
Registration of a company in Hong Kong requires the appointment of at least one director. The appointment of a nominee director will keep the data on the real director of the company completely confidential.

A trust agreement is concluded with the nominee manager, which states that the shares are held by the actual owner. The agreement must be registered with the Inland Revenue Department. It is important to note that this is not a public document, which means complete confidentiality of data on the actual owner of the company.
In some jurisdictions, trusts may be used to protect assets from participation in any divorce proceedings.
Asset protection in divorce proceedings.
There is a risk that when the economy is in a recession, all property will be used in a claim for compensation. Transferring assets to a trust provides protection against such claims and risks.
Asset Protection.
Maintaining family assets is often the most common reason for setting up trusts. For example, the director does not want to divide the family company between his children, but prefers that the nominee manager holds the shares of the family company on behalf of all his children.
Saving state.
A trust is a private agreement between the actual owner and the nominee manager. Therefore, data on the trust, owners and trust assets are kept confidential.