Legal services
Provision of warehouse
Often, the export logistics of goods includes the organization of temporary or long-term storage of goods.

Sino Services has an extensive network of premises and warehouses of our Chinese partners in different parts of China, which allows us to find the optimal location for storing cargo depending on customer requirements.
· Choosing the optimal type of storage
· Receiving cargo from manufacturers, delivering cargo to the warehouse, including the organization of the supply of containers for loading, control of shipment and unloading
· Consolidation, sorting, labeling, weighing and storage of goods in a warehouse
· Stock insurance
Work stages:
Temporary storage - a warehouse in China for the consolidation of goods. Can be used for the collection and distribution of goods for shipment or self-receipt by Chinese partners.
Renting a warehouse on an ongoing basis is the best option for long-term storage of large consignments
We offer several types of storage services:
from 1450 EUR
Export clearance
Registration of export documents in China is a standard procedure that must be carried out when exporting goods from China. Customs clearance of exports can be carried out at any of the many customs posts in China.

Our experts will prepare the necessary set of documents and carry out the customs clearance procedure.
  • Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Certificate of Origin Form A
  • Fumigation Certificate (timber export)
  • Sanitary Certificate (food exports)
Key documents:
Additional documents
from 1450 EUR
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Work stages:
· Filling out the export form with HS code, origin of goods
· Preparation of a package of documents for customs clearance of exports
· Export documents are submitted to Chinese customs in electronic format
· The cargo moves from the exporter point to the export point of Chinese customs
· Export cargo is unloaded in the customs zone of China
· Processing of export cargo at the location of the export port
· After the cargo has passed the inspection, the customs authorities of China give permission for the export of goods.
Translation services
Going to a business meeting with a Chinese partner or to an international exhibition, if you do not speak Chinese, you will definitely need a translation from Chinese to your native language.

Sino Services employs translators who are fluent in Chinese, as well as native speakers. In addition to translation skills, our managers are specialists in the field of consulting and foreign economic activity, which allows them to freely navigate the subject of translation.
  1. Accompaniment of business meetings and negotiations
    (oral and written translation, translation or verification of documents)
  2. Customer support at exhibitions
  3. Translation of legal documents:
  • contracts
  • company charter
  • certificates
  • extracts from registers
  • bank statements
  • customs documentation
  • licenses and others

from 1450 EUR
  • Preparation by the client of a detailed requirements list for our specialists (product description, sketch or photo of the sample, weight, volume, components, etc.)
  • Visit to the factory by our specialist
  • Monitoring compliance with the manufacturing conditions of the goods in accordance with the statement of work
  • Conformity assessment of finished product quality to order conditions
  • Check working ability of the product
  • Check of packaging compliance
  • Check storage conditions
  • Photo and video recording of inspection
  • Preparation of a detailed report on the results of the inspection within 2 business days
Work stages:
Factory verification
Every year cases of fraud on the part of Chinese suppliers, which often work on a prepaid system, are not uncommon. After receiving the prepayment, the supplier may disappear, in the end it turns out that the contract was concluded with a non-existent company. To avoid such situations, you should check the company information in the China Companies Register.

Our experts will draw up a detailed report on the factory, which will help you get all the necessary information and thereby minimize the risks.
  1. Is the company registered in accordance with all requirements of the law
  2. Does the activity prescribed in the Charter
  3. Does it pay taxes
  4. Does it have administrative offenses and was brought to trial in civil disputes
  5. Does it comply with production technologies
  6. Does it use high-quality raw materials
  7. Does the delivery date comply
· Receiving from the client a list of factories for verification
· Detailed analysis of factory information
in the Register of Companies by our specialists
· Visit to the factory
· Providing a detailed report with photos of the factory and its production
Work stages:
· Basic information about the company
(name, registered address, field of activity, registered capital, etc.)
· Information about company management
· Information about bank accounts and loans of the company
· Main counterparties (suppliers, buyers)
· Annual financial reporting data
· Information about the production
What the report includes:
Laboratory research
Professional laboratory testing of products and materials will help companies avoid unpleasant situations and losses in case of non-compliance of products with international standards. Often, the certificates provided by the Chinese side do not correspond to the real state of things in the workplace. In this case, specialized laboratories will be able to determine whether product samples meet declared standards or not.

· Filling out an order form
· We send an application and product samples
· Translation of the laboratory report from Chinese
Work stages:
from 100 EUR
Distribution & dealership
Sino Services is ready to help your company conclude distribution or dealer agreements with manufacturing companies, which will give you exclusive rights to distribute the products of the manufacturing company outside of China.

What is it?
The distributor acts on behalf of the manufacturer in accordance with the rules specified in the contract. The main task of the distributor is to organize and promote a distribution network.
What is it?
The dealer acts on his own behalf: he buys the products at his own expense and distributes it with margins established at his discretion. The main task of the dealer is the delivery and realization of products to customers.
Virtual visit to exhibitions
The most significant exhibition centers are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In total, there are about 150 exhibition venues in China. The theme of the exhibition events covers almost all industrial sectors from mechanical engineering, electronics and metallurgy to textiles and clothing, agriculture, transport and logistics, tourism.

Virtual visit to exhibitions in China is a service that allows you to visit the largest exhibitions held in China without having to visit the country. With our help, you can in the shortest possible time receive detailed information about Chinese companies and products presented at the exhibition, while saving significantly on a trip to China.
Work stages:
  • Filling out a virtual visit to the exhibition
    (name of the exhibition, dates, city, purpose of visit)
  • Departure of the employee to the exhibition
  • Providing a report on visiting the exhibition with photographs and scans of business cards
Business tours
When working with China, it is important to build trust based on personal relationships. Therefore, visiting enterprises is an important part of building successful business relationships.

A business trip to China will allow companies to expand their ideas about the Chinese market, study the features of production, and also decide on the choice of a reliable manufacturer to successfully launch development of their products.

Work stages:
  • Creating a list of potential companies for meetings
  • Establishing primary contact and mutual interest
  • Approval of time and place of meeting
  • Formation of a route of a trip (Travel List)
  • Holding meetings with the participation of a translator, discussing the best conditions for the client
  • Follow up action plan
  • Presentation of a report with the results of a business tour