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Hong Kong is the freest trading port in the world, combined with a robust legal system that provides entrepreneurs with a unique business environment. The creation of a company and a registered trademark in Hong Kong can quickly improve a company's visibility, increase its competitiveness and maximize profits.

Our experts will help you go through the trademark registration procedure quickly and easily. We will help to collect all the necessary documents, apply for registration and receive a certificate of registration of your trademark as soon as possible. If necessary, our design team will help develop a trademark template tailored to your wishes.
· Application for registration of a trademark
· A copy of Business Registration Certificate
(if the application is submitted by a legal entity)
· A copy of an identity card (if an application is submitted by an individual)
· Logo design in electronic form
· List the goods or services you want to register and indicate the type of trademark
· Power of attorney for registration of a trademark
Documents required for registration:
· An application for registration of a trademark is considered by the Hong Kong Registrar of Trademarks
· After receiving the application, the Companies Registry determines whether the trademark is acceptable for registration in accordance with the Decree on Trademarks
· After verification, the application is published in the official bulletin of the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong. Within a three-month period, the application may be appealed by any person. If objections are not received or if any objection is considered and rejected, the application will be registered for 10 years (with the possibility of extension for another 10 years) from the original date when you submitted your application.
Steps of registration:
From 650€
For one
One-time payment
Registered trademark is only valid in Hong Kong. To guarantee your rights in other jurisdictions, including China, you must submit separate local applications.
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